Drama Bahasa Inggris-Lollypop


  • Anggi  Pradita as Hanah                        Ice Rozalina as Marry
  • Ario Putra as Gray                                  Roidah Fitria as Sarah
  • Alvon Satria as james                             Slamet as Robin
  • Stefanus as Ello      ( Gray’s father )

Scence I

In morning,james and Robin were sitting in front of the class. Then, Hannah came toward them.

Hanna                 : Hey !

James                 : Hannah ! ( Frighten )

Robin                  : James, came on ! ( run away )

Hannah              : Stop !

Robin                  : Sorry …

Hannah              : Both of you have made me angry !

James                 : But,I did it because of robin.

Robin                  : James,what do you say ?

Hannah              : Stop ! I don’t wanna hear your opinion. Pay your daily fee !

James                 : But, I don’t have money .

Robin                  : Ya, please don’t ask it , Hannah.

Hannah              : Blablabla… give it to me ! go on !

Robin                  : O..okay,here is it ! ( giving Rp.1000)

James                 : And,I just have this.( giving Rp.1000)

Hannah              : But,its not enough.

James and Robin            : aaaaa……( run away )

Scene 2

In front of the gate, gray arrived with his fhater. Gray is the new student in the school.

Ello                       : Gray,be carefull,okay .

Gray                    : Don’t worry, Dad ! I’ll Keep my self.

Ello                       : Gray,I just be able give it to you. I hope you like this. ( giving a box of food and a bottle                                             of water )

Gray                    : Thanks, Dad. I love it.

Ello                       : I am so glad if you like its. Gray, I wanna come back.

Gray                    : Ya, be carefull on the way. I love you, Dad.

Ello                       : Thanks gray. Be diligent for study ,okay ! And don’t forget  to eat its.

Gray                    : Yes, Dad. Bye..

Ello                       : See you dear.

Scene 3

In the class, Marry and Sarah were studyng together. Hannah come…

Hannah              : Wow wow wow, what the diligent students  you are !

Marry                  : hannah.do you want to join with us ?

Sarah                   : Ya, we can study together.

Hannah              : No, I don’t wanna study with you. But, you must do my homework,now ! ( with loud                                 voice )

Sarah                   : Hannah, you must do it by self.

Marry                  : Ya Hannah. That’s right. We wont do it.

Hannah              : Hah ? you wont do it ? Okey, I take your book.

Sarah                   : Hannah, what are you doing ? don’t  take it please. I have done it with hard. You may                                  not do it.

Marry                  : Hannah, Return sarah’s book ,now !

Hannah              : Up to you, I still take it. Bye !

Then ,Hannah went out from the class..

Sarah                   : Oh ,marry. Why does Hannah do it to me ?

Marry                  : I don’t know ! Huh ! You must be calm down.

Sarah                   : Thank you marry.

Scene 4

At the rest time, Hannah looked at gray. She never see him before. Then, Hannah came toward him.

Hannah              : ( Hit the table ) hey .boy ! I never see you in this school.

Gray                    : I am a new student

Hannah              : Oh.. I am Hannah. ( give her hand )

Gray                    : Gray. ( SMILE )

Hannah              : Hey,bro ! you are so proud to me. Okey,now you  must pay your daily fee from today.

Gray                    : Hah ? What do you mean ?

Hannah              : Go on !

Gray                    : ……

Hannah              : Hey !

Gray                    : ( take his food )

Hannah              : Hahaha..you are like kindergarten child !

Gray                    : Do you want ?

Hannah              : No ! You make me angry.

Gray                    : ( not respon )

Hannah              : ( HIT THE TABLE ) ARRGHH ! ( Trhow gray’s food )

Gray                    : Hey, what are you doing ?

Hannah              : You can see with your eyes.

Gray                    : ( take his food ) Thanks.

Hannah              : Aah..

Scene 5

Bell was ringing. James, Robin, Marry and  Sarah eant to go home together.

Sarah                   : Hey ! james, Robin . Why your face looks like so tired ?

Robin                  : Its because of Hannah. The bad girl.

James                 : Ya, my money just Rp.1000 now.

Marry                  : How poor you are .

James                 : Okay friends, lets go home.

to be continued…..


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