“The surah, revealed at Makkah, has 1 section and 7 verses”

  • In the name of ALLAH , the compassionate, the merciful
  • All praise is for ALLAH, the ‘Rabb’ of the worlds
  • The compassionate , the merciful
  • Master of the day of judgment
  • O Allah ! You Alone we worship and You Alone we call on for help
  • O ALLAH ! Guide us to the Right Way
  • The way of those whom You hve favored, not of those who have earned Your wrath, or of those who have lost The Way .A’meen .

Prayer and Divine Guidance :

  1. This surah is known as Sab’a Mathani ( Seven Oft-Repeated Verses)
  2. It is also called Umm-ul Kitab, foundation and essence of the Qur’an
  3. It is a mandatory part of each Islamic Prayer ( Salah ) , recited at least seventeen times daily in the five obligatory prayers.
  4. This Prayer is tauhgt by ALLAH ( Almighty God) Himself to mankind , as a favor, to let them know the format of a Prayer which is acceptable to Him.

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